Thursday, 22 October 2009

Filming with Councillor Jon Rogers

On a wet Tuesday afternoon we set out with Councillor Jon Rogers to film a short piece about traffic noise and quiet places in Bristol City Centre. Councillor Rogers is the Executive Member for Transport and Sustainability and is also a GP in Bristol. I wrote a short script for him and we filmed in two locations, the centre, and by Bristol Cathedral.
Jon did a number of takes and seemed quite confident in front of the camera. The video will be used to promote our consultation on traffic noise and I'm also hoping to use it in a talk I'll be doing at a conference on noise and health in Wales during November. The script is below, although Councillor Rogers ad - libbed it quite a bit!

Hi, I'm Jon Rogers, the ward councillor for Ashley and executive member for transport and sustainability. I'm also a GP and so I'm aware of the negative effects of stress on people's health. Exposure to noise is now recognised as a source of significant stress and that's why I'm backing efforts in Bristol to tackle traffic noise. 45% of people in Bristol report being annoyed by traffic noise and I think that's a worrying figure.

A noise action plan is being developed for the city to address the noise hot spots and also to protect the quiet places where people can get away from the noise and stress of modern city life. Bristol's lucky to have lots of green space and we're asking you to nominate your favourite quiet place using our unique interactive map - the link will appear at the end of the video. This is part of a consultation we've been running on traffic noise since January and it's really important, as it'll shape the noise action plan.

So far lots of people have expressed concern for traffic noise and support for action, including traffic management, quiet surfaces and lower speed limits. Thank you to everyone who has contributed views so far. We're looking forward to hearing from you about what you think about traffic noise in Bristol.

We're committed to openness and giving people a genuine opportunity to influence their local area, and I want to ensure that Bristol is as quiet, clean and stress - free as possible for everyone, so please use the links at the end of the video to have your say on traffic noise.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tranquil Spaces Conference 9th October 2009

The GLA is organising a conference on 'Tranquil Spaces' on Friday 9th October at London Zoo, aimed at planners and open space professionals and managers, as well as noise professionals.
It includes practical application of recent research on tranquillity and soundscapes and support identifying Quiet Areas under the Environmental Noise Directive.
I will be presenting our work on Citizenscape and some aspects of SILENCE. There's a prestigious list of speakers (and me) including the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. It promises to be an important and interesting event.
My presentation is shown below.

Bruitparif Newsletter

Some colleagues on a former project (SILENCE) have published their newsletter. They are a consultancy based in France and have produced the noise map for Ile De France (Paris region). They are doing lots of interesting work on noise, particularly with schools. Have a look at their newsletter for more details.

John Connell Awards - notification of results

Unfortunately we weren't successful...

John Connell Local Authority Awards 2009
Thank you very much for Bristol's submission concerning the
Citizenscape project for this year’s John Connell Award.
Unfortunately your submission has not made the final shortlist.

The Trustees and I are really appreciative of your efforts and the
work involved in formulating your submission. The standard of entries
was extremely high which demonstrates the value and range of
activities carried out by Environmental Health Teams all over the

The judges really did have difficult choices to make and we would love
to feature your work as a Case Study on our new website which will be
launched shortly. We applaud your efforts and want to make sure you
are duly recognised and promoted.

We do hope that you will consider making a further submission for the
John Connell Local Authority Awards in 2010 and will be in contact
early next year with details.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

John Connell award submission

I have today submitted our work on the noise consultation to the Noise Abatement Society for consideration for their annual John Connell award for local authorities action on noise. The final text of the submission is here. The awards will be given at the house of commons, so if we’re successful it should be some good publicity for the project. Fingers crossed!