Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Healthy Walks Soundscapes activities

We will soon be supporting a healthy walks initiative in Bristol by providing activity sheets for walkers to help them to think about the quality of soundscapes they encounter during their walks. The idea is that they will use the bristolstreets and SaveOurSounds interactive maps to record their experiences and upload pictures and audio recordings.
The activity sheet explains how to record audio on mobile phones, as this is likely to be the most easily available method for most people. To try this out I took some field recordings with my Nokia XpressMusic mobile phone. The field recording was of a walk along the busy Brunel Way dual carriageway that crosses the Avon at Hotwells. This records audio in .amr format files, this is compressed audio format developed by Ericsson; used by many 3G cell phones for voice recordings such as MMS messages. It needs to be converted to MP3 for uploading to SaveOurSounds - the activity sheet describes this process.

The field recording can be heard below.

The healthy walk soundscape activity sheet (Draft) is below:

Activity Sheet

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The John Connell Awards

Bristol City Council has been invited to apply for the John Connell Awards by the Noise Abatement Society. These awards recognise Local Authorities, through their Environmental Health teams, who have made a significant contribution to the management of noise issues. Our draft submission is here and summarises our work on traffic noise issues including involvement in the SILENCE and Citizenscape projects.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Trying out the embedded MP3 audio player..

Here is an attempt to implement an embedded MP3 audio player using Flash on my blog. This will be useful for hosting more field recordings, such as the ones on the present sound of London blog.
The audio snippet below is the well - worn AudioTrail around CREATE