Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mobile noise and ozone bluetooth web 2.0 mashups?

An interesting innovation is being trialled in Paris using mobile personal sensors for recording and transmitting noise and air quality parameters using bluetooth and mobile phones. Le Montre Verte is a project in Paris run by FING whereby the cyclists and walkers will transmit pollution data to the internet using web 2.0 mashups.
Sensaris (the manufacturers of the sensors) claim that the low spatial resolution of air quality monitors is a barrier to public understanding of air pollution issues. I'm not sure I agree with this, and I think that efforts should be concentrated on control of air quality rather than measurement at smaller scales. However the noise application is very interesting and could allow for a low cost solution for validating noise maps or even creating noise maps from scratch. Of course these maps would probably not be suitable for statutory reporting but would provide useful information for those engaged in managing urban traffic noise.

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