Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bristol Hum...

According to the Evening Post the Bristol Hum mystery has been solved.. It's either in your imagination, or something is causing it (no seriously).
Anyway the academic who has studied this does make an interesting point about the variable psychological response to noise of people with different expectations of noise. This may explain to some extent why people who live very close to busy roads don't appear to be bothered by the noise. However there is now good evidence that shows that even people habituated to high noise levels do have a physiological response to noise, resulting in high blood pressure and possible eventual cardio-vascular illness. This appears to happen even when people are asleep and so are not conscious of the noise.
Regardless of whether the "Bristol Hum" is a real or imagined phenomenon, there is no doubt that citizens are being exposed to noise levels from traffic which could be damaging their health.

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bill said...

yes i've heared the hum
yes it did start suddenly
yes it did eventually fade away
yes it was more intense inside the house
yes it seem to get inside my head
yes i could NOT identify the sourse initially..
but in my case can relate to a seriers of events
which lead to this phenomenon.I have a practical
theory to this annoying sound, however it .would
be quite difficult jn my case the
chances are rare.
if I get a reasonable response for my findjngs, I will
write again in the near future stating the events,reason
and possible solution to this phenomemon
in the meantime I wish no gain just personal satiafaction
and to champion lateral thinking
for those who think they're going mad or think it may
be tinitus rest assured there could be an answer.
if my theory were proven
the solution should be relatively
simple to rectify.