Thursday, 9 April 2009

Road Traffic Noise Survey: Bristol 2009

Bristol City Council are supporting a survey of residents on road traffic noise being conducted by a Masters student at the University of Derby. Matt Kirby is trying to find out how the orientation of houses and the location of the bedrooms in houses affect the annoyance of people who are exposed to different levels of noise. He is working with Bristol because of our ability to interrogate our noise map to identify the properties that fall within noise bands. The survey was distributed on the 1st April (no joke!) to residents around the M32 and also gives residents the opportunity to have their say on noise through the site. The results will be published in September.

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MACH Acoustics said...

It sounds very interesting, I know at the company I work at and advise architects to think about the orintation and layout of their building to help reduce noise disruption to its users inside.

This can be a real problem with regards to all of the new schools being built which have to meet BB93 Acoustic targets. This paper would be very interesting to read.