Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Noise labelling for tyres

The European Parliament's industry committee have today voted to approve a scheme for labelling tyres so that consumers can clearly see the energy efficiency, safety and noise performance of tyres. The full article is on the EPUK Website.

While this is a welcome move, it remains to be seen how much influence noise labelling will have on consumer behaviour as most consumers will inevitably choose cost and safety in preference to noise. Additionally on March 12, MEP's decided to delay the introduction of quieter, more energy efficient tyres for up to 4 years, meaning that for the European fleet as a whole to have quieter, more energy efficient tyres it could take up to 14 years!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Noise Video - Scene 3

At last, our reporter finds some tranquility to finish his report - or does he?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Noise Video - Scene 2

The reporter gets even more exasperated in the second location when he's interrupted by passers by...

Noise video rough cuts

They're here! The videos that Artswork have done for us are brilliant. Lloyd showed all three to me just before the BBC Radio Bristol interview and I'm really impressed. Here's the first scene - second and third to follow..

BBC Bristol Interview

I'm being interviewed for BBC Radio Bristol this morning at 10:40 AM on the Graham Torrington show. The BBC picked up on the videos being made by Artswork and are also interviewing Lloyd Dunseith, who is running the filming project. I will be talking about the work we're doing in Bristol to tackle traffic noise and our work on Citizenscape. I'm a bit nervous, but hopefully well - prepared!

Update: The show can be listened to here. The interview starts at 1:40:38