Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Video Shoot Part 2

I spent yesterday out in Bristol with the Artswork students and colleagues from corporate consultation. The students were filming their three short viral films for promotion on the Citizenscape website and we were vox popping people on the street nearby.
We managed to get an interesting mix of people from young mums to dog walkers and local students. The day started near Arno's Court on the Bath Road where the traffic noise was pretty loud. The next location was on a traffic island at Three Lamps. The noise here is probably as high as anywhere in the city, with traffic from the A37 and A4 on either side. We vox - popped some lunchtime workers at Temple Quay, which was a much more sedate affair and then off to the peace and quiet of Victoria Park in Bedminster, although a grounds worker was using a chain saw quite close by!
I've put some photos from the day on my flickr site.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the videos the students produce, they were really enthusiastic and professional.

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