Monday, 16 February 2009

Noise Research in Bristol

A Masters student at the Forest of Dean council is conducting some research in Bristol using our noise map. Matt Kirby is expanding on the work done by the Sustainable City Team at Bristol City Council to assess the relationship between the modelled noise levels, measured in Lden and the community annoyance. The work goes beyond the approach used in the Quality of Life survey to ask detailed information from residents at a selected number of properties from each noise band strata to establish the severity of annoyance and identify the relative importance of acoustic and non acoustic factors.
The properties were identified using the road noise map and the noise level at each property was calculated using GIS techniques. Bristol's Land and Property Gazetteer was then used to extract the addresses of the properties and the properties were then sorted into their noise bands, e.g. 50 - 55 dB(A).
Matt has submitted his proposal and is currently designing the questionnaire. This research will help Bristol City Council to understand the severity of the noise issue in one of the noisiest parts of the city (M32 environs) and inform the emerging noise strategy.

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